Kat Wildish Showcases Performing in NY Showcase

Kat Wildish Presents: Performing in NY Showcase! The opportunity to be onstage in the heart of the dance world is rare. Master ballet teacher Kat Wildish believes every dancer deserves the chance to achieve their dreams of performing, regardless of age or level. Since 2008, hundreds of diverse choreographers and thousands of international dancers have been featured.

After 20 successful shows in midtown Manhattan, The Performing in NY Showcase is upgrading to the expansive Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. The fall 2015 program includes a wide range of dance companies, studios, and choreographers from across the country: Alison Cook Beatty Dance, Art in Motion, Artists in Motion, Awaken Dance Theater, The Ballet Club, Ballet School of Stamford, Tony Bradford, Bev Brown, Fernando Carrillo, Collective Soul Urban Dance Project, City Center Dance, Connecticut Dance Center, Lauren Deangelo, Daniel Longo, Manhattan Dance Academy, Janine Micheletti, The Pink Tutu Ballet, Praevado Dance Collective, Susan Rosenbaum, Sue Samuels, Tap City Youth Ensemble, and Kat Wildish.

Interested choreographers should submit a resume and video by mail to: